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I’m looking forward to our next sessions. So just an update, I was able to sleep better last night than I had in quite a while... Also, I am noticing today that I woke up in a very positive mental state with quite a bit of energy. I am able to do things that normally would not. So I am totally loving my day today and wanted to thank you once again! 

Josie G.


For the entire week after my session I felt more relaxed than usual & consistently heart centered.

Mariah M.


85% of the people on the call that we did with you either got promoted (myself included) and/or a new/better job so thank you!

Caroline H.

Regional Director of Enterprise at Yelp

I've noticed a huge difference within myself since the session I had with you! Like a stone has been lifted off me, I used to have a lot of tension in my chest where there now is more of calm, clarity, openness. I've started connecting to my heart, its opening up to love I can feel it<3 I feel more able to be in my body, and I've been less affected by social anxiety than I was before, like I've been able to stand in my own being more firmly, not getting into the energy of others as much as before. I'm blessed to have been touched by your healing work. 

Sandra F.


My remote Reiki session with Kiki over the phone was incredibly beautiful evidence that we're not limited by distance and time. Her delivery of the energy was powerfully gentle and so perfectly focused toward the areas of my body and life that most needed clearing. Significant past traumas had recently come up for me, and I remembered through her work that no matter how well we have healed from something intellectually, we can store it in our body for much longer. Kiki helped bring back harmony I hadn't felt in a long time with her peaceful presence (it's clear even through hearing her voice!). Having spent time with many different healers and others with mystical gifts, I can attest to Kiki's unique nature and abilities without hesitation. Bring your needs to her! You'll feel wonderful changes take place. 

Amanda Edwards

Spiritual Medium, Mystic Teacher

Working with Kiki is a pleasure. We did a distance session and the entire time I felt electric. I could feel energy moving at a heightened pace in my body. We were specifically working on my relationship with my mom and there was a moment where everything went dark for me and I was able to step into what was going on for my mom. I was able to release that energy that had been passed on to me from her. I have been in the process of writing a letter to my mom so we can rebuild our relationship and I am proud to say that just prior to writing this testimonial I finally printed out that letter and will be mailing it off later today! Thanks for the help in getting me there Kiki! You're the best!

Steve W.

Your Brother In Arms

I had the incredible luck of being connected to Kiki through friends and other healers. Kiki has an absolutely wonderful and delightful spirit and heart that is evident from the moment you start talking to her. We had a great discussion of what my past spiritual experiences have been, what my intentions were, and what lingering questions I may have about the whole process. She made sure I was completely comfortable and in the right headspace to start the healing process. I truly appreciated that. She mentioned that Reiki lends itself very well to distance healing, and I believe it as I truly felt every drop of energy through my headphones during the session. The healing itself was just amazing. I felt lighter, happier, and cleansed by the end of it. During the session, I had thoughts that would pop up, and like magic she would say something that answered them. I was still glowing from the powerful effects of her healing days later. Kiki has a true gift, and I can't wait to continue my journey with her! 

Gretel Corsa Barsotti

DEI Practitioner

I learned of Kiki's incredible skills through a friend and feel so grateful that I've experienced her healing!!! Although it was my first time working with Kiki, she took special time to instruct me on how to create a safe and calming space in my own home.  I'm so glad because lighting a few candles and grounding myself in my own bed made the distance healing so much more powerful. Because I live in a basement apartment on a very busy street in San Francisco, my connection wasn't great but somehow that didn't matter. I felt her every step of the way even when I couldn't make out all the words and so much energy left me through my hands and mouth; it was not like any other reiki experience I've ever had! Because of her healing, I am lighting a candle for myself every night and feel even more grateful to my space.  I am singing Kiki's highest praise and recommending her remote services to all of my loved ones!!!

Helena V.

Healthcare Interpreter

Kiki has a healing gift with her presence, loving heart, genuine caring attitude, and of course her powerfully healing hands. She's been graciously giving reiki and lightwork in my Yin Yoga classes at one of San Diego's premier yoga studios, Ginseng in Southpark. Whenever she shows up the energy is powerful and the students really love her! I've witnessed and experienced the energy that Kiki extends and it's a true gift and blessing whenever she appears. 

Julie Quinn

Yoga Instructor and Owner of Quinntessentials

I've been in a recovery program called Shakti Rising for over 2 years now. I have made a commitment to myself those I love to heal from let go of the trauma that bound me nearly took my life. Through this program I was connected with Kiki who volunteered to work with me. Receiving reiki from Kiki was so incredibly life changing. Every session that I had was profoundly healing for me. Shifting moving stuck energy that I didn't even know I was holding. I left feeling lighter ALIVE. I felt the difference immediately with each session I felt myself more able to handle my grief feel positive....happy. I am so grateful for the healing Kiki offered humbled by her gifts. She is truly blessed. I would recommend her to anybody looking to better their lives...this work is life changing.



Kiki’s unique expression of Reiki is powerful, compassionate and deeply healing. Her authenticity immediately inspires a feeling of trust. I find myself uplifted by the Light and Joy she exudes, simply by being in her presence. She is an intuitively gifted Reiki Master, keenly sensitive to the subtleties of the energy body. Rest assured that she will create a safe, nurturing environment to experience the Reiki Energy and lovingly facilitate your healing process.

Marie Hershman

Reiki Master

I was put in contact with Kiki through a friend of mine after doing research about reiki. I felt that reiki sounded like something that would benefit me more than just typical massage therapy as I tend to be sensitive to people's energy and all the physical contact always had me leaving massage sessions feeling more worn out and drained than when I went in. After contacting Kiki about a session she not only put in the effort to find something that worked with my not so flexible schedule, but also took the time to explain reiki to me as well as answer any questions I had. I went into my first session with a lot of anxiety and stress as I was working and going to school seven days a week at the time. As soon as I met Kiki, any anxiety I had about the session had melted away. She was so warm and welcoming and made me feel instantly comfortable. She took the time to explain how the session would be performed as well as discussed with me some of the things I wanted to work on and my intentions. After the session I felt so much lighter and so much more at ease. I have enjoyed a few sessions with Kiki and know I will be returning. Not only do I leave my sessions feeling so much more relaxed, rejuvenated, anxiety free and all around happier but I leave them feeling so grateful for being put in contact with Kiki. She is an amazing energy healer and good at what she does. You can tell that she genuinely loves what she does as well as truly cares for the people she is helping. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in or looking into reiki.

Torinda Alderman


As a die hard skeptic I didn't have high expectations for a crystal healing session, but Kiki immediately made me feel relaxed & comfortable. An hour later I left with a euphoric feeling & the chronic pain in my feet & back had vanished. She truly has a gift.



My Reiki session with Kiki was a wonderful, powerful, AMAZING experience. With the help Kiki’s healing hands, I could literally feel the energy swirling around, in and out of my body. It’s difficult to put exactly into words. I told my husband, “it felt like I had been touched by an angel.” I smiled. I cried. I felt so much negative energy being released. It made me feel energized, yet light and relaxed on a very deep level. I left with such a beautiful sense of inner peace and inner strength. Kiki is gentle, kind and knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone needing energetic healing. Thank you, Reikiki!

Cheryl B.

Semi-retired, Substitute Elementary School Teacher

When I receive reiki from Kiki, I go so deep. No matter how stressed my body and mind feel, the reiki energy relaxes me as my breathing slows down and my body just melts. My mind is opened and then I'm gone. I'm out of my body feeling so free. What thoughts or sensations or feelings bubble up come up for healing as well. It's hard to put into words, but the healing stays with me as I come back and see Kiki's smiling face. It's always a journey that I treasure. The cleansing of heavy feelings, the clarity of new thoughts. Always. I treasure my sessions with Kiki.

Cliff Hershman


I have multiple sessions with Kiki over the last year. Her energy work is magic. I instantly feel at peace working with Kiki thanks to her guided intuition and ability to create a sacred space for those whom she works with. If you are ready to reach a deeper level of awareness in your life, explore questions and challenges that are blocking your path, release old programming and experience a profound level of healing and growth, I encourage you to contact Kiki. She is a grounded partner is your healing and growth and her sessions will leave with you a sense of clarity and calm.

Julia Perez

Owner of Jae & Leona

What a warm, relaxing Reiki experience! Kiki transformed my room into a tranquil, safe and loving environment with her positive intentions and hand-picked healing crystals. She listened as I shared my life stresses with her about insomnia, depression and severe anxiety and then got right to work on me. During the session I felt a warm, pulsing and even a slight tugging of energy as she meditated with her hands set in varying positions over my body. It was all so gentle and loving. After the session I felt like I had woken up from the deepest sleep even though I was awake for the entire process. I felt lighter and stronger. You can tell Kiki genuinely cares about healing others and making it her life's work is a priority. Her proficient knowledge of the practice and tools along with her kind nature definitely put her in the top ranking of healers today. She went above and beyond what I could have hoped for from a Reiki session and even followed up with me the next day to see how I was feeling. I definitely look forward to receiving more healing from her!

Flavia C


Receiving reiki treatment from Kiki puts me into a calm and meditative state. I generally have a difficult time sitting still, but during reiki, I was able to relax and focus on healing my body. The tension in my neck and back melted away after the reiki session. Kiki is an extremely kind and warm person, and her positive energy radiates from her. She makes you feel lighter and brighter whenever you've spent time with her.

Jackie Lo

Art Professor

Like most people, I find myself searching for clarity, deep relaxation and a spiritual awakening. Reiki is the path that leads to all things. It resonates differently with each person, but for me it provides messages, visions and self-realization. It can heal physically, emotionally, mentally and beyond. I feel super connected to Kiki and she is very passionate about healing. She has a pure spirit and amazing gift that she shares with each client. I am very fortunate to know Kiki and to be able to receive such a beautiful and powerful gift. No matter what you are searching for, her healing energy will provide you with something positive. Go in with an open mind and heart. It can change your outlook and ultimately, your life. 

Jenna Gumto

Social Media Specialist

I have received energy healing from Kiki a number of times and am so grateful for her willingness to share her gifts. When moving through life's trials and tribulations, I often find myself emotionally and energetically drained. After a session with Kiki, I feel lighter, more spacious and more balanced. I often find that I have received a sense of clarity on whatever question, issue or hurdle may be standing in front of me. Kiki is skilled at holding space for whatever may come up for you during a session and maintaining an unwavering sense of peace throughout the whole session. It's truly magical to receive the gift of time, space and healing. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Kiki!!

Lisa Swid


I was struggling with a variety of symptoms that stem from living in fear and not loving myself.  I was dealing with a long term smoking addiction, depression, and other mental and physical health issues.  This reflected back into every aspect of my life: work, family, love, life goals.  I was stuck.

In the moment of her session with me, I felt instantly calm and at ease.  She explained everything and even though it was my first time seeing a healing practitioner I felt totally comfortable.  During our time together I drifted in and out of a trance-like state.  After, I slept like a rock.  The next week I didn't really notice big changes.  However, a few months after you'll find me a totally different person.  I'm learning to heal and love myself.  I quit smoking and exercise more.  I spend more time on my music making than on destructive habits.  All what Kiki helped me focus on in my plan and in our session.  The definition of life-altering experience.

Each day I'm more alive and present which is a true gift.  I haven't ever felt so calm and grounded, even on tough days.  Kiki helped me release my past to be able to see the wonders of my life right now.  

Melissa Moss


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