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Experience Deep Relaxation while releasing

limited beliefs, emotions, & pain.

Kiki Matoba

Kiki is a certified Reiki master, Intuitive Guide, and light worker trained in meditation, crystals, chakra balancing and sound healing. For over 10 years she has worked with thousands of clients  to help them heal physical, spiritual, and emotional ailments by releasing trauma and toxic emotions such as grief and stress in order to find clarity, focus, peace and relief.


Kiki has been recognized by the likes of Goop and The Los Angeles Times as one of the most reputable healers in Los Angeles. She specializes in online distance healing and serves people all over the world. Her distinct use of multiple modalities during sessions and soothing voice are what has made her a favorite among individuals and corporations alike. 


Through her own healing experience with yin yoga and Reiki after giving birth to her child; Kiki was introduced to her calling as a healer. She experienced firsthand the profound emotional and physical change she underwent once she started using  energy medicine regularly and knew intuitively that it was her purpose to help others find the physical, spiritual, and emotional release that it had given her. 


Kiki’s mission is to help you find alignment and harmony in your life, shed your false beliefs, and move into the highest version of yourself. You’re worthy, capable, and deserving.

What is energy medicine?

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Energy medicine is efficient, safe, natural, and non-invasive.

Energy medicine is a complementary therapy that enhances the therapeutic properties of medicines and medical techniques while optimizing the natural healing process of the body.


Energy medicine can be a catalyst for healing when the therapeutic benefits of standard medical approaches seem to come to a standstill.

Energy medicine stimulates the flow of life force energy and activates the relaxation response relieving a stressed body and mind.

Energy medicine helps rebalance and harmonize the systems of the body back to homeostasis.

Everything is energy including thoughts, things, feelings, and all cells of the body.

Pain is the body and/or mind communicating that energy flow is blocked or stuck.

Energy healers don't heal the client, they clear the blocks that prevent the person from healing themselves.

Energy healers channel life force energy and hold safe non-judgmental space to provide guidance, clarity, learning, and growth.

Torinda A.


“I went into my first session with a lot of anxiety and stress as I was working and going to school seven days a week at the time.  As soon as I met Kiki, any anxiety I had melted away.  She was so warm and welcoming and made me feel instantly comfortable."
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