Be gentle and kind to your heart and mind

Kiki Matoba

Kiki Matoba is an Intuitive Guide using Energy Medicine to help empaths and compassionate people release negativity and experience deep relaxation and peace. She is a Reiki Master with additional certifications in meditation, crystal therapy, chakra balancing, and sound healing. Kiki is honored to be included on GOOP's list of reputable energy healers and featured in the Los Angeles Times. She has been serving people from all over the world for the past 10 years by helping them transform their energies which empowers people to live happier and healthier lives.


What is a session like?

We connect via Zoom (audio only) and begin talking about your intention for the session. Setting a clear intention informs and guides the energy, and willingness opens you up to receive. Expressing what troubles you is also a part of the healing. Verbal expression releases blockages out of your mind and body. I listen with complete compassion. You will then be guided into a deeply relaxed state through breathwork, body scanning, visualized grounding and receiving of energies. You get to relax while high vibrational frequencies are channeled through you and sound healing music harmonizes the energies. This is the moment when whatever you need most for your highest good in the NOW comes through by sensations, or images, or a word, or feeling, or simply the I am presenceI will gently bring you out of that deep space of relaxation and we will share and interpret what came through you and me and how to integrate the experience. 

shared experience