Energy Transcends Space & Time


Be Kind To Your Body, Heart, & Mind.


"My remote Reiki session with Kiki over the phone was incredibly beautiful evidence that we're not limited by distance and time." ~ Amanda E. 

"Working with Kiki is a pleasure. We did a distance session and the entire time I felt electric. I could feel energy moving at a heightened pace in my body." ~Steve W.

"Reiki lends itself very well to distance healing, and I believe it as I truly felt every drop of energy through my headphones during the session. The healing itself was just amazing. I felt lighter, happier, and cleansed by the end of it"  ~Gretel C. B.


Experience energy medicine in a safe and comfortable space.  Find peace and relief from the intensity of life naturally with non-invasive techniques such as Reiki, guided meditation, crystals, sound healing, and aromatherapy.  I combine these forms of energy healing to create a multi-sensory experience that helps people with their physical pain, emotional unease, and mental distress. The receiver leaves feeling lighter and happier after every session.


My journey began with Reiki. After giving birth to my daughter I started going to a Yin Yoga class with Reiki. Two years of this weekly practice gently shifted my energies and cleared away emotions and beliefs that no longer served me.  Then the yoga studio started offering courses on Reiki and I took all three in due time. The information resonated so easily to me; I knew this was part of my soul purpose.  I now give myself Reiki every day and it has truly healed and uplifted me as well as guided me to take action to better myself and my health.  After becoming a Reiki Master I have learned and incorporated other energy healing techniques to amplify the experience for my clients.  I am so passionate about energy medicine because it helps society shift into a new consciousness of being which is a world that is more loving and caring; a place where all beings can live freely expressing their creative selves peacefully and joyfully. I have given hundreds of healings over the past seven years and was featured on GOOP's energy healers referral list because what I do is effective.  My life purpose is to serve and help people transform their energies so that they may live their best lives and I am so honored to do this work. 



Custom Accommodations:

Reiki has a specific symbol and chant for distance healing.

For health and safety reasons I am currently available for remote sessions via phone, Zoom, WhatsApp, and Skype.  


"I've noticed a huge difference within myself since the session I had with you! Like a stone has been lifted off me, I used to have a lot of tension in my chest where there now is more of calm, clarity, openness. I've started connecting to my heart, its opening up to love I can feel it<3 I feel more able to be in my body, and I've been less affected by social anxiety than I was before, like I've been able to stand in my own being more firmly, not getting into the energy of others as much as before. I'm blessed to have been touched by your healing work."  -Sandra F.

"I had my very first Akashic reading done with Kiki. I was very curious to see what it was like and what kind of info she could give me about myself and my life. 


First, she asked me to prepare specific questions that I would like to have answered. I came up with a list and presented them, one at a time during our call. My questions were about pain in the body, why I struggle with confidence and guilt, what the best type job is for me, communication with loved ones who have passed and questions about relationships. 


I got very interesting and direct answers for most of my questions. Some of the pain I feel is from an ongoing leak issue in my home and some from the grief I have experienced in my life. I learned more about how being an empath effects me and my life. Kiki also told me that I can make a career out of things I already do and love to do. These things come naturally to me and people are willing to pay me for my input on certain things. 


I also learned that I am a healer and how I can heal myself. All of the info I received was helpful and gave me confirmation on who I am and some things I already suspected I had answers to. It was encouraging and insightful. Akashic readings are a good way to get to know who you truly are and the ways of your world. I think having your records read is an act of self-love."


-Jenna G.