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Are you experiencing a Spiritual Awakening?

“Awakening is a shift in consciousness in which thinking and awareness separate. For most people it is not an event but a process they undergo. Even those rare beings who experience a sudden, dramatic, and seemingly irreversible awakening will still go through a process in which the new state of consciousness gradually flows into and transforms everything they do and so becomes integrated into their lives.  Many people who are going through the early stages of the awakening process are no longer certain what their outer purpose is. What drives the world no longer drives them. Seeing the madness of our civilization so clearly, they may feel somewhat alienated from the culture around them.” 

Excerpt from:

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose

by Eckhart Tolle

  • Heightened sensitivity.

  • Everything is making you feel stressed and anxious.

  • Your doctor cannot find anything physically wrong.

  • It is extremely difficult to relate to family and friends.

  • Sudden interest in holistic health and meditation.

  • Physical relief from tension.

  • Mental peace and clarity.

  • Emotional self love and gratitude.

  • Empowering Spiritual connection.

  • Sense of safety and community with a soul tribe.

Spiritual Awakening is happening to many of us and it feels disorienting and lonely.  You may be the first of your family and friends who are experiencing the inner shift of higher consciousness.  I went through it myself, by myself, and spent many days alone with my thoughts and feelings.  I felt a strong connection to something beyond the material world that kept me on the path of awakening, unafraid of the many shifts and changes in my life.  The connection guided me to books to read, videos to watch, podcasts to listen to; then eventually led me through a divorce and a move to another city.  It has changed my life for the better because I am fulfilled and at peace with who I am now. I feel more comfortable and confident in my skin and wish to support others through this transition.

The Spiritual Awakening Support System is a two month program designed to support your awakening through energy work, meditation, intuitive guidance, and one to one conversations in a safe, loving space.  I will connect with you once a week for 8 weeks alternating energy work and talk sessions in order to support your processing.  But the support does not end there, you will also have lifetime access to the members only group on my site where like-minded souls can connect and share experiences and tools that help with living on this planet as an awakened being.  I will be sharing and connecting with the members only community daily so when you go through difficult moments, you can access the members only group and be with your soul tribe.

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