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The Energy of Women Supporting Women Breeds Empowerment, Upliftment, and Success

"Every woman's success should be an inspiration to another. We're strongest when we cheer each other on." ~ Serena Williams

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Christy Lee: Energy Practitioner & Executive Coach

I believe it's important to learn and experience energy work from different practitioners because everyone uniquely communicates, practices, and has gifts to offer and share that are understood in various ways. I also believe in promoting other effective energy workers because it's not about competition, it's about helping people achieve relief from their suffering successfully in any way we can.

In honor of Women's History Month I'd like to introduce you to Christy Lee, an energy practitioner and executive coach. I've personally received energy work and coaching sessions from her and as a result people and opportunities have been popping into my life that have given me abundance, renewed faith, and more joy.

I interviewed Christy and here's what she had to say about transforming life through energetic practices:

How does energy healing work?

I believe energy can be manipulated. Albert Einstein said, "Everything is energy... match the frequency and you can't help but get what you want. This is not philosophy, it's physics." I also believe moving energy can elevate frequencies. The discovery that our brains are neuroplastic shows us it's possible that patterns and thoughts in the mind can be changed. I've experimented on myself and clients to know it works. We have more than 60,000 thoughts per day and our thoughts attract what we experience. The thoughts go into our body, the body listens, and keeps the score. We have patterned thoughts that run in the background also known as the subconscious mind. In each moment we have the power to choose. Do we let our mind run wild or change that programming one deliberate thought at a time? It's about being aware of the background noise and intuitively choosing what's playing in the subconscious mind to improve our reality. Negative patterned thoughts become stuck energy in the body and cause tension and dis-ease. However, now we know we can re-direct energy through our thoughts. Negative thoughts don’t feel good. Positive thoughts uplift our energy and in that elevated state we can change our lives for the better, one deliberate thought at a time.

Why is energy work important?

Everything is energy, including our bodies, and we’re interacting with other people’s energies all the time.  Every profession from nurses to police officers to people working in offices need help clearing the energies of others. I work with a lot of lawyers and doctors who are in constant sympathetic or "fight" mode in their body due to all the people they help everyday.  We know the body can only function at its best and heal in the parasympathetic mode of the nervous system, the opposite state of sympathetic. I believe body energy work is for everyone and everyone would benefit working with an effective energy practitioner to help them release energy in order to relax their nervous system. When we release energy blocks it raises the frequency which allows the body and mind to connect and create more peace and ease. With proper coaching it can be achieved in as little as thirty seconds. For example, using our five senses to connect mind, body, and breath can help shift the nervous system into parasympathetic mode. The goal is to be in parasympathetic most of the time. It's the creative mode where we can connect to positive outcomes that seem like miracles.

What makes your energy sessions unique and different? 

I can feel, see, smell, and hear what others are feeling in my body similar to mirror-touch synestheysia. I believe it helps me be an effective and transformative energy healer. I like to combine mind, body, and soul methods with science. Guided by my intuition, I help to release blocks by journeying within the body through my prompts and what I feel inside the body. We work together to release blocked energy by connecting the mind and breath along with heat through my hands. By keeping the mind focused on breath rather than worry thoughts, there are shifts into states of complete calm and peace in real present time. This releases energetic blocks clogging the frequency. In this state of embodiment the energies are released and the body shifts to parasympathetic mode where it heals.

I also suggest customized intentions and practices for my clients to help create effective change.  We can re-direct energy by choosing our thoughts. I believe our thoughts attract what we experience. When we move energy in a state of total calm and relaxation the mind clears, better decisions are made, and things seem to become easier. I also offer daily distant energy support and it's been very effective.

There’s so many big and small miracles that have happened. My clients are feeling better from improved sleep to relief of menopause symptoms to increased energy levels to get through the busy workday. I'm filling my days with feel-good stories of all the benefits of energy work. I'm blessed to witness the blessings! I'm grateful I get to do what I do because it doesn't feel like work, it feels like play. I love what I do and what I do loves me. I believe that in every cell of my body.

What is an easy exercise someone can do to help with their energetic health?

Everyone is so busy it’s hard to add a new practice. Setting intentions in daily mundane tasks makes it more likely it will get done. I coach my clients to attach an intent to something they already do. For example, every time you brush your teeth look at your reflection and tell yourself you love yourself. Every time you wash your hands intend you are washing off all energies that don't serve you. Every time you shower intend that you are rinsing off the worries of the day.  This type of practice easily becomes your new automatic pattern and effectively helps to change your thought patterns which will in turn change your reality.

Learn more about Christy Lee, contact her, and schedule a session at

What do you look for in a healer helper?

Leave a comment below about any recommendations of effective energy work you have experienced.

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