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How Black Girl Magic Manifests in Everyday Life

Updated: Mar 30

A story about miracles, crystals, and creativity.

first black American women owners of crystal mine standing on mountain with pine trees
Jazmin and Ivy of Because I Rock

Meet Jazmin and Ivy, the first Black American women to own a crystal mine and creators of Because I Rock.

the miracle

Jazmin and Ivy are best friends who decided to take their daughters on a retreat away from the trappings of the 2020 pandemic after an intriguing conversation with a friend about the magical energies of Mt. Shasta. On a hike they received guidance from a friendly black woman to check out a waterfall trail two hours away. Considering the distance they decided to go the next day. On the way there they noticed a hitchhiker waving for help. From the goodness of their heart they pulled over and learned this man hit a deer which damaged his car and left him stranded without cellphone service. Jazmin and Ivy chose to help this man and spent over six hours with him until a tow truck came. The subject of crystals came up and the man told them he owns a crystal mine, mailed them crystals as a thank you gift, and invited them to visit him at his mine in Nevada.

Fast forward to today, their hitchhiker is now a dear friend and mentor, "Deer Mark," who helped them become crystal mine owners and fresh faces in the crystal scene.


Crystals are living elements grown deep in Earth known for their practical abilities to conduct and transfer energy. Crystals are used for their transmission abilities in many useful ways such as watches, computers, and laser surgery. Scientists Peter Gariaev and Vladimir Poponin proved in the Phantom DNA experiment that crystals can hold information.

This discovery supports the metaphysical practice of using crystals for intention setting and healing. I personally have felt powerful vibrations from crystals while bathing and meditating with them. Note: not all crystals are water safe so do your due diligence. Also raw crystals tend to dissolve in water over time as opposed to ones in tumbled polished forms.

Jazmin and Ivy work with a lot of smoky quartz, amethyst, and citrine. Smoky quartz is known to draw out toxic energies. Amethyst purifies energies to help connect with higher consciousness. And citrine is an abundance crystal strengthening feelings of confidence and self-worth.


The moment Jazmin and Ivy dug and mined crystals directly from Mother Earth they knew working with crystals was the next chapter in their life. They both pivoted from non-profit and floral work respectively and began to dream and realize the possibilities of working with crystals.

Their creativity went beyond what their fellow miners were doing and manifested into an interactive experience called "Because I Rock." You can find them at schools, festivals, and farmers markets in southern California as well as hire them for special events and parties where they educate and offer the profound experience of choosing a crystal to wash, unveil, and take home.

Working with crystals in a respectful way has helped Jazmin and Ivy expand their business even more with other ways to share the magic of crystals. There are a couple Crystal Bar experiences to choose from: "Unearthed" is described above; and a "Prescription" Crystal Bar choice is also available. You can transform your personal crystal into a custom designed piece of jewelry crafted by the gifted jeweler Robyn Rhodes. AND you can even have your own "Peak Experience" and go on a specially curated mining tour!

my own miracle

Why am I telling you about Jazmin and Ivy?

I believe it was a miracle that my maintenance man noticed my crystal collection and connected me with Jazmin who lives down the street.

Within a few weeks I got to have lunch with them, then spend a day this past weekend at an events showcase where I personally witnessed the black girl magic of what they do and wished to share it with you.

Furthermore, Jazmin and Ivy are currently working on another offering of day retreats complete with activations such as mindful walking meditations, crystal intention settings, sound baths, and other healing arts which is something I look forward to getting involved with.

Plus I believe in these economic times it's important to support independent, female-owned, minority businesses.

Lastly, it's Black History Month and a way to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate our fellow human beings is by spending our money where our heart and values are.

Use coupon code: UROCK for 20% off your first order.

Reading and hearing stories of real life MIRACLES give us hope that there is a divine power helping us during these difficult times. And if we are brave and curious enough to follow the guidance, the most magical wonderful things can happen!

Please share or comment about your own miracle stories and let me know what you think about "Because I Rock."


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