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"The Power of Believing in Good Luck: Real or Not?"

Is good fortune fated or created?

woman crossing fingers making a wish for good luck

St. Patrick's Day got me thinking about luck. Is luck real? Are some people born luckier than others? Is it possible to create a lucky life?

Luck is defined as chance, improbable positive or negative occurrences, personal fate, a force that brings good or adversity.

In the days of the real Saint Patrick, people were religiously superstitious and not as scientifically advanced as we are today. We now have access to many resources of information about what creates reality and how we can heal and improve our lives. We are connected through technology where we can read and watch real life stories of people living wondrous lives that inspire what is possible. Today it's a matter of choice rather than just plain old luck. I believe we can tap into the energy of luck and here's how it works.

Quantum Physics

Albert Einstein famously said, "everything is energy." Quantum physicists can now prove that to be true. The quantum field includes the energies of our thoughts and feelings which influences our material world. With this in mind, thought leaders like Dr. Joe Dispenza, teaches people how to change their thoughts and feelings in order to manifest their wishes. This practice seems to align with the ability to create our own luck!


Considering everything is energy; we can either passively allow it to take us for a ride or we can thoughtfully program energies to manifest a reality that brings us joy. This is why setting intentions is a vital element to creating good luck in life. It's important to write a clear and detailed intention because the unlimited possibilities of the quantum field can easily mis-interpret our wishes. For example instead of, "I want a new home." Be more specific like, "I want an updated three bedroom, two bathroom, comfortable home with a garage, vegetable garden, and new washer and dryer in a safe and peaceful neighborhood, with plenty of parking."

Studies have shown hand writing triggers six parts of our brain whereas typing or texting only lights up two parts, therefore pen to paper can more effectively wire our intentions into our thoughts amplifying how we inform the quantum field.

The next step is to visualize our intention as we go to sleep at night and first thing when we wake up in the morning to help program our subconscious brain to believe it's real. The body doesn't know the difference between our thoughts and physical reality, so we can enhance the energies even more by using all our senses to feel into the reality of our wish made manifest. What does it feel like to live our dream? What does it smell like? What sounds and tastes do we experience?

"It’s not stuff that makes the field. It’s the field that shapes stuff. Change your thoughts, make different choices, do new things, and feel different emotions." – Dr. Joe Dispenza


Belief is where some healing may be needed to fully embody and align to good fortune. Some things that may be blocking us from manifesting our desires is karma that needs to be neutralized and cleared, trauma, inherited beliefs we unconsciously adopted as children, or negative thought patterns based on past experiences keeping us in a state of fear. We are complex beings with cellular memory and ancient DNA. There are many tools and practices available to us now to learn self-awareness and to intentionally release energies that no longer serve us in this lifetime. Practices like breath work, EFT tapping, somatic movement, sound healing, and energy work can help move and clear blocked energies. Explore and experiment to find what works best for each personal situation.

The most important aspect of belief is re-training the mind. Manifestation takes time and patience so it's a must to not give up and fall back into old beliefs that lack of luck is fated. We think 60,000-70,000 thoughts per day and most of it is unconscious repetition. A daily meditation practice is a key that can unlock the mind from the past and help to re-focus all the power to what we actually want rather than ruminating on what we're unhappy with in life.


Intuition can be considered the action part of creating good luck. Manifesting our dreams isn't just sitting around meditating, thinking about it all the time, and expecting it to be delivered to our door. As we feel into the joy of what we're energetically attracting in, we will start to sense intuitive nudges to do something or go somewhere. We get a gut feeling to take inspired action that will connect us to something or someone that will help get us closer to our wish. Perhaps intuition may pivot the original desire. We may think we want one thing then fated obstacles or challenges redirect us to our personal pot of gold that was something better then we could possibly imagine. Building trust and following our intuition will help guide us towards our best wish.


Finally an attitude of gratitude is the secret sauce that amplifies the good luck energy. Our brain is instinctually programmed to focus on danger to avoid dying; it's called the negativity bias. However, in this modern era the big shift of empowerment is to re-train the brain and focus on what's going well and see the abundant reality we all live in. If you are reading this blog then you are blessed with the privilege of owning a computer or smart phone and lucky to have the time to read about things that can improve your life! Gratitude helps us feel good and gets us into a positive vibrational frequency where we are more aligned to the best outcomes. Like a radio station, gratitude tunes us into the good luck channel and helps keep the cycle of good energy flowing and allowing more to come.

May the power of Good Luck be with you

Synchronicities, serendipities, coincidences, and opportunities that seem to come out of nowhere is the new good luck of our times. These fortunate happenings occur more and more when we change our energy through thoughts and feelings that clearly align us to what is for our highest good. Knowing what we know now about the infinite intelligent field of energy that's in everything, gives us the power to create our own luck and good fortune.

What do you feel lucky about?

Do you believe it's possible to manifest our dreams?

What manifestation techniques work for you?

Please share in the comments below.

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