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"5 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels Without Relying on Caffeine or Energy Drinks"

By Kiki Matoba and Christy Lee

Person jumping on a mountain top over a valley full of energy
Photo by Peter Conlan

Life doesn't stop and it can be exhausting. We've become accustomed to using quick fixes like caffeine from a fifth cup of coffee mid-afternoon or the colorful drinks that claim to increase energy for a quick boost. These traditional go-to's eventually lead to mitochondrial fatigue or don't seem to work as well as they used to. Here are five ways to boost energy naturally that instill healthy habits your mind and body will appreciate long term.

You may already know most of these solutions but sometimes we need a helpful reminder.

Tip #1 - Just breathe

Breathwork has experienced an increase in popularity with The Iceman Wim Hof showing us the power of our breath and how it can increase our resilience, power up our immunity, and regulate our nervous system. Breath is life force energy and many of us don't breath properly. Most of us unknowingly take shallow breaths into our chest rather than deep breathes into our bellies. When we consciously breath deeply it sends oxygen throughout the body which helps distribute nutrients into our cells mitochondria, the energy manufacturer. The brain in particular is highly oxygen-dependent and uses up to 20% of the body's oxygen intake to function. Breathwork can be as simple as listening to a favorite song and deeply breathing in the nose and slowly out the mouth for 3-5 minutes which can give you a natural boost of energy and clarity.

Tip #2 - zone out for 10 min.

Set a timer, play some soothing music or a guided meditation, sit or lie down, close your eyes, and simply let yourself do nothing for ten minutes. Ideally twenty minutes if possible. This can improve your cognitive function, reduce stress, increase creativity, and help regulate moods that result in better decision-making. Geniuses like Aristotle, Albert Einstein, and Salvador Dalí were well-known nappers. Busy world leaders like Napoleon, Winston Churchill, Eleanor Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy were also known to nap. You can even listen to an inspiring, feel-good audio book or podcast; close your eyes; and let your body rest. This will naturally refresh you and reset your nervous system.

Tip #3 - earthing

Walking in nature, also known as forest bathing in Japan, is a grounding practice that improves mood, focus, and stress levels. In 1998, cable television innovator, Clint Ober, began to study the effects of electrically grounding the human body to earth's energy field. He discovered, with the help of scientists at UCSD, that the earth absorbs electrons from the sun which can be received by humans to neutralize the energy field and improve circulation through the body reducing inflammation and pain. We can literally recharge our energy by walking barefoot or lying on grass or dirt for 15-30 minutes! If the weather doesn't permit, Ober has invented products that have the same grounding effects available at

"To ground is to pour your energies back into the earth and feel the warm calm of nature entering your body in exchange." – Clint Ober

Tip #4 - laugh

There's a reason we've all heard the adage, "laughter is the best medicine." It can uplift us mentally and physically. Taking a break from the seriousness of life can be a refreshing pivot to our day. Laughter releases endorphins stimulating a different part of the brain which may be the best break we can take. Not only does laughter improve our mood but it also releases nitric oxide which relaxes blood vessels lowering blood pressure and works muscles in the body that can give us a somatic release. Experiencing joy gives us the motivation to keep going no matter what life hands us.

Tip #5 - Eat whole foods & drink clean water

Remember those times when eating a big meal made us feel sleepy? Food is our source of energy and highly processed foods have no life force energy. It's only a filler that spikes our blood sugar then makes us crave more. Eating food in its natural state means it still has the energy it absorbed from the sun flowing through its cells. When we eat whole fresh foods our body knows how to process it and distributes the nutrients which feed the bio-chemical systems that allows us to have the strength and brain power to be active and productive.

Water also is responsible for carrying these nutrients into different parts of the body as well as helping to flush and detox things that can block our optimal health. Water can carry additives within it and unfiltered water has been tested to contain toxic chemicals that can build up in our body making us feel sluggish or cause brain fog. Spring water is one of the best options because it contains natural minerals that our bodies can use. Find A Spring is a site that can help you find natural spring water in your area.

sustainable energy

It's become clear in our hustle culture that we need to maintain healthy levels of energy in order to keep up with the demands of modern life. Companies want to sell us quick fixes that over time we've realized don't serve our highest good. Experiment and try one of these tips to see which one works best for you and is the easiest to incorporate into your life. Then perhaps return to this list and try another one.

Please share this with anyone you know that could benefit from this information.

Do you have some great energy boosting hacks?

We'd love to know!

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